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Hi! I’m Mrs. Taylor (aka Sherese for adults and parents) 

A School Counselor for Woodmen Hills Elementary School and Mental Health Advocate

Mrs. Taylor is passionate about the social emotional wellness and mental health of others.  She loves those she works with and feels honored to help. She strives to assure that everyone finds their purpose in difficult situations, through problem solving, processing and gaining a toolset for life skills!

   Hello everyone!  Hoping this site is just for you!  With over 20 years experience, I have put together a variety of resources to help in your wellness walk.  Every tool you find on my website is targeted to help in the areas of mental health and well being.  Not only can everything you see on this website be used from pre-K to adulthood, it can also be a fun site for some down time and a break in your daily work life.  The CALMING ROOM is so much fun, you won't want to leave! 

   I am currently the counselor for Woodmen Hills Elementary school. I have experience in every grade level, Kinder through High School, worked directly with the Department of Human Services and interned over 2000 hours in personal and marriage & family counseling.  I received my first Master's in Counseling at West Texas A&M with an emphasis in Marriage and Family and then pursued a 2nd Master's in Administration through Arizona State University.

   I was a classroom teacher and know exactly what it's like to be in a classroom with kids who need more, but unable to find the resources to help.  If this is you, this is your spot!  Finding help and having tools that you can use quickly is needed.  Please subscribe on the HOME page to get updates and and new information as it becomes available.  

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