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34 Min of KidzBop Dance


Physical Education with Joe

10 Min Disco Funk Dance

Family Fun Cardio Workout

10 Minute Kids Cardio

7 Minute Workout

Pilates for Beginners

10 Min Upper Body Workout

HIIT Circuit for Kids

Old School Dance 10 min

Kids Circuit Workout 11 min

Gymnastics 20 min

Ninja Moves 12 min

Dance Freeze 4.5 min

Cardio HIIT 30 min

Basketball Drills 5.5 min

Baseball Fielding Drills 7 min

Football Agility Drills 16 min

Basketball Dribbling Drills 5 min

Do you have a great video exercise that works for you?  Send me a message and I might add it to my page.

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