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What is the one thing you would tell to your 10 year old self?

Are there things you wished you knew as a 10 year old? Here is a simple way to share your wisdom to your child/ren. Don't let them or you live in doubt or be a 'kinda' in society.

Don't live in doubt or be a 'kinda' in our society.

What do you wished you knew at 10 years old? It is time to share with your children what you wished would have been told to you. In today's society we are getting wrapped up in our failures and our imperfections. Do to our universe epidemic called COVID, we are seeing more anxiety and trauma based fears and fears grow to insurmountable feelings of being stuck or unable to grow in knowledge. Here are some simple ways to set up a time to share what you wished you would have known so that we can give our children their best chance at making their future brighter and successful.


Steps to Help Stay on Track for Success

  1. Find a time to be with each of your children for some quiet time. Go for a drive together, play a game, have an early morning coffee.

  2. Begin the conversation by sharing what it was like when you were their age.

  3. Tell them the top 2 things you wished you would have been told at their age.

  4. Have them share their top dream of what they want to become and allow them to begin making a plan to get there.


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